expert testimony/consultations in the following areas:

Wrongful Arrest Claims


A negative blood test doesn't necessarily mean that the driver was not impaired at the time of arrest. We have experience and expertise reviewing these types of cases for Law Enforcement agencies

Drug and Alcohol Impaired Driving Incidents


We will review cases to assist in determining if there is adequate evidence to support that a driver was/was not under the influence at the time of the crash

Workplace Discipline/Termination


We will provide case analysis that the proper drug recognition training was  conducted and utilized to standard to reach the employees disciplinary/termination status

Restaurant and Bar Liability


Often times liability for intoxication-related injuries can be extended to the establishment  that serve the person who causes the injuries. We will assist in reviewing these types of cases as it relates to human consumption and performance

Roadside Sobriety Testing


Results of roadside sobriety tests are an important component of arrest decisions and are a highly litigated practice.